October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain and Halloween

Happy Samhain!
Happy Halloween!

As a result of Christian missionary's efforts to wipe out "pagan" holidays, such as Samhain, they succeeded in effecting major transformations in it. In 601 A.D. Pope Gregory I issued a now famous edict to his missionaries concerning the native beliefs and customs of the peoples he hoped to convert. Rather than try to obliterate native peoples' customs and beliefs, the pope instructed his missionaries to use them: if a group of people worshiped a tree, rather than cut it down, he advised them to consecrate it to Christ and allow its continued worship. (Information source)
The end of the harvest festivals. The beginning of the winter months. The half way mark between Mabon and Yule. Some say this is the beginning of the Wiccan and Pagan New Year. Bonfires will be lit, the dead remembered & welcomed and time spent with friends celebrating the changing of the seasons. People dressing up, kids going door to door begging for candy trick or treating, people planning parties with their friends or going to a haunted house.

I don't know who doesn't like this holiday shared by many! However you celebrate, have a great day!

October 27, 2014

Floki kinda weekend

OK... so if you haven't yet seen the History Channel show Vikings yet, you need to! It's amazing!! It's the freaking History Channel so it's done right. Not some fake plastic horns or Monty Python-esk show that mocks a proud race of people... It is movie quality TV!

So, anyway... one of my favorite characters is Floki, the shipbuilder. His look inspired my own Viking look this last weekend at the renaissance festival just north of Houston. I know... I was 10th century and the renaissance era was 16th century... but what I was wearing was made after real clothing found at historical sites and digs.
I was unsure about how to do the "guy-liner" so I enlisted the help of some women friends I was camping with. I got chills when I looked in the mirror! It was really awesome to see how it changed my look!
The colored contacts also made me look different as well. And by the end of the day it all smugged and mixed with sweat and the dust... and it felt like I was a Viking living in the 10th century. But only a few people recognized who I was trying to look like... Oh well! I had fun!

October 22, 2014

Time flies....

Great big bears blogger friends! Where has the time gone...? Has it really been a week since I last wrote a blog post? Oh wow... how time flies!!

Work is keeping me very busy! And then I've had seasonal allergy stuff going on in the head. UGH! Not fun...!

Also, the renaissance faire season is here again with the one in Houston. I missed the first 2 weekends already but will head down south on Friday afternoon. I will debut my new Viking garb! Pictures to come next week if it all turns out as planned! But... sorry Dr. Spo, no fake plastic horned helmet for me!

I've also been considering the future of my blog. I started this in November 2008... that's 6 years ago!! WOW! The time has flown. And now I'm thinking of where this will all go if I continue. Should I have a theme? Should I continue with just whatever? Should I use this forum to dispense sage advice...? I don't know...
Anyway... I hope all y'all are doing well. I miss hearing from everyone... Have a great rest of the week and I'll drop a comment on your blogs when I can. 

October 15, 2014

First World Problems

This is a themed feature of the morning radio show I listen to as I drive in to work in the mornings: people calling in with their 1st world problems. Like: "OMG, I broke my nail in the tanning salon!"

This takes on new meaning as I just finished reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini about life in Afghanistan. I cannot imagine what life must be like there and in other war-torn and other 3rd world countries!

Also, the news this morning on the 3rd ebola diagnosis in Dallas. A second health care worker is in the same hospital where she worked. This is a "3rd world problem" hitting a little close to home!

I guess coming home to a section of my bathroom ceiling on the floor due to a toilet leak from my upstairs neighbor is not so bad compared to life and conditions in other 3rd world countries that don't even have indoor plumbing or running water in their homes! I can fix mine and things will be back to normal in a short time. That too is an advantage that we take for granted in our lives!

Also... I don't have to live in fear of being killed for being an open and proud gay man!

October 11, 2014

Lil sock monkey

Look what was waiting for me in the mail last night!!
Thank you anne marie! He is sooooo cute! I love him!

October 10, 2014

Double 10 Day!

Woohoo! It's Friday! It's also Double Ten Day! A Chinese and Taiwan holiday! Who knew? ME!

So, I feel like a bad blogger friend. Work is going great but I have been crazy busy! I've also had to deal with some people who wanted to bring some drama into my life and campsite. And I know I have not blogged very much at all. I'm sorry!

And... I need to get caught up on everyone's blogs.

But life is good! I'm happy and somewhat healthy (allergy season... ugh!). I hope you all are too.

October 4, 2014

Great Big Bears!

I am growing weary of people using the exclamation of "OMG!" To what god are they pleading? I mean... there are many gods out there, old and new! (to use a phrase from the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman... and a big reference from Game of Thrones too!)

Since I just finished the 6th book in the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne and ordered the 7th book Shattered! I think I'll adopt the phrase of my favorite character in the book. Oberon is an Irish Wolfhound and companion of the main character Atticus O'Sullivan. Atticus taught Oberon how to communicate telepathically. Oberon has a wonderful sense of humor and his exclamation of choice is "Great Big Bears!"

So when I can use GBB on social media sites I'm sure it will prompt people to ask WTF? (or some variation thereof). LOL

Then I'll get to talk about two of my favorite things: this series of books and my belief that there is more than one god out there... and that the Christian god is not the only one out there. And that many don't believe there is any god. So, I'd rather just be polite and tryout something funny!

GBB! people... get a sense of humor and think outside of the box! :)

October 2, 2014

October tarot

8 of Cups
Cups are suit of emotions. Even though the cups are full the merman has turned his back and is moving on. I need to move on from something that is emotionally draining to me. It could also mean I'll be disappointed this month. :(

September's card was very accurate! I had a lot going on at work and on the weekends with the campsite near Austin. I needed to be focused and calm to deal with all the things I faced. 

September 25, 2014


In life we sometimes see things only the way we want them to be... not really as they are. I have spent a lot of time learning to live in the moment and part of this has been to see others as they really are! Not just what I think they should be or what I want them to be... but truly see them for who they are!
I think that this happens most when we start to fall in love. We meet someone who we like and when they respond in kind we can put on rose-colored glasses and we imagine all these great traits that the person has. When in reality they are just themselves. Then later when we find out that they really don't live up to our expectations we are disappointed!

I recently had someone project a trait on me that was not 100% correct. I felt bad (for about 5 seconds) to have to tell them that I'm really not that kind of person at all. I am just me...!

I see a lot of women doing this to their husbands or boyfriends. They see their potential but not who they really are! And I want to tell them that men usually do not change just because their woman wants them to. 

I think it's better to be a realist and practice the art of seeing people for who they really are.

What do y'all think?