July 29, 2014

Answers - Part 3 for Mac

Mac asked: "Are you a TV Watcher? If yes, what's your favorite shows this summer?"
Actually no. I don't watch very much TV these days. I don't have cable and I don't like a majority of the shows on anyway.... I have the morning news on in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. So, besides listening to NPR, this the only place I get my news. (The local ABC morning news anchor is family, I believe). 

I can't stand crime dramas or cooking shows with a mean host... I loathe the bachelor and bachelorette. I guess I end up watching old Modern Family episodes or The Mindy Project but turn the TV off after the show. 

Meh... I'd rather read, walk outside or surf porn the internet.

July 28, 2014

Answers - Part 2 for Greg

Greg asked: "What was one of your least favorite books to read? And did you finish it?"
There have been several books that I started and just got so bored while reading them that I realized it would just be a waste of time to continue on to the bitter end! The worst...? I would have to say there are 2 by Orson Scott Card. Yes... the homophobe.

The book Saints was one of them. The book actually helped me re-examine my Mormon beliefs though.... The main character is fictional but the plot is not. A Mormon convert girl in England ends up in Nauvoo, IL and becomes one of Joseph Smith's secret wives. I always had believed the sanitized version of polygamy where Joesph's wife knew and consented to all his other wives. I checked with a friend of mine who was a LDS church scholar who confirmed that this was true... and this lead me to start to question everything I had ever been taught about the church while I was growing up. Which ended with me resigning from the church! Yay!

My least favorite EVER was Lost Boys. I was trying to read the synopsis in the link, and again... I just don't care about the characters and what happens to them. And I really will be fine with never knowing how the book ends. What a waste of time that book was!

July 27, 2014

Answers - Part One from anne marie

From a loyal reader anne marie in Philly comes the following questions:

1. How did you get interested in the ren fest life? When I was living in Denver in the early 1990s I heard an ad on the radio for the renaissance festival that was between Denver and Colorado Springs. I thought it would be a fun activity for a weekend. I went and loved it!

So when I moved to Dallas years later I heard that there was a ren faire near Dallas too! I went and again really enjoyed myself. Each year I'd go with my nieces and nephew or friends and each time it was a fun experience. Then one day my friends decided to try on the costumes for sale from the many shops. That too was a lot of fun and I reasoned in my mind that I like dressing up for Halloween and this would be a great costume. Going in costume for the first time was way more fun than it was going in regular clothes and I knew I was hooked! I started to meet more people who also dressed up and the rest is history! Here was my first ren faire garb:

2. What would your dream job be? I would love to be a photographer that sells their art/photos in art festivals and galleries! Maybe even sell to magazines.

3. Out of all the vacations you have taken, what location did you absolutely hate and would never return there? Cancun and Cozumel. The beaches were beautiful but Cancun caters to the exclusive hotels and the tourists who really don't want to see the local way of life in Mexico. Then in Cozumel I did not see a pretty beach. The ones we visited were very rocky and not that great! I am not one to stay in an all inclusive resort... I want to see and be in the local culture of the region I am visiting. Cancun is way too touristy for my liking. 

July 24, 2014

Happy Pie & Beer Day!

OMGs.... it's catching on! Traditionally in Utah today is "Pioneer Day", the day the Mormons first went into the Salt Lake Valley. But if you say it fast enough it sounds like "pie & beer".

The idea is catching on. Read more here, here and here. Youngest sister and her family is coming to Dallas for a vacation so I may not get to partake in some pie & beer... but I'll try.
Yes... I know. A vacation to Dallas in the middle of July! When it'll be 100 degrees! I guess they're really anxious to see me! :)

Y'all have a good weekend and keep thinking of things to ask me!

July 23, 2014

Ask Me Anything

OK... I'm at a loss for what to blog about. I need your help! I want to see if y'all have any more questions for me. I have a few new readers and y'all have been great before in giving me good topics to blog about. So here we go again... round 3 (I think):
Nothing is off limits... Please give me something to blog about!

July 21, 2014

Be nice!

So, my nephew is on his mission in NW Arkansas. Yes... he is a Mormon missionary! In northwest Arkansas and in a small town near Erik. So, my brother-in-law said he is having a difficult time already. His bike stolen and I don't know what else... but this reminded me of something.

Even though we do not agree on religion, even though I don't belong to his church, even though I think he is wasting his breath and money, even though he knows this would be difficult... I still love and respect my nephew. And I know that he loves me.
that's Mitt Romney as a missionary

About this time last year, before he went, he mentioned that he was thinking about it. I ask him if he really wanted to do it, or was he giving in to peer pressure or pressure from the Mormon culture in Utah. I told him if he went he should do it with his whole heart and soul... give 100% of his effort to it. And now, here he is, a year later in Arkansas.

And it makes me think.. who would want to hurt my nephew? You could hate everything he stands for... but this is my nephew! You could disagree with absolutely everything he is doing... but that doesn't give anyone the right to threaten or harm him.

Please remember, those guys on the bikes did not establish their church. They aren't the ones protesting at a soldier's funeral. He is not trying to get you into a cult (in spite of what you may have heard to the contrary). They are someone's son and brother and nephew.

Do I really have to remind people about basic manners and basic respect?

July 20, 2014


So, I think I've mentioned before that I have a sleep disorder. I did a sleep study about 5 or 6 years ago and it was determined that I most likely have chronic insomnia. Yea... it sux!

I've been taking Ambien and Lunesta since. Lately, I'm not sure if it's less stress from the job now, but I've been in a fog lately. I decided to try to get off of Ambien. Or at least cut the amount in half.

So far it's working! I still get a good 8 hours of sleep and I don't have that foggy feeling for most of the day like I had before.

One evening this week I knew I was getting a little stressed about something so I took a whole Ambien. Yikes... there was that foggy feeling again the next day. I also remembered that I sleep-eat when I'm on it sometimes. There was a wrapper for a frozen fruit bar on the kitchen floor and a big puddle of red sticky goo. Apparently I ate one when I was asleep and part of it dropped to the floor. Ew! I've heard about people doing a lot worse than sleep-eating on Ambien. It's crazy!

I really think this is the right move to cut back on the dosage. Does anyone else take Ambien? If so, have you had any weird side effects?

July 19, 2014

Breakfast foods

I love breakfast foods. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal. I love it when restaurants, especially "mom & pop" places, have breakfast dishes on the menu all day long! I know... I'm crazy like that.

One of my favorite (and easiest) things to make is scrambled eggs with sausage. I cook the sausages and then cut them up into smaller pieces. I make my eggs differently too. I learned this from my cooks when I owned my deli in downtown Baltimore in the late 1990s. You break them into a jar with a lid. I use the short jars that some salsa comes in. Then add water... not milk (the water helps to boil the eggs). Then shake the jar vigorously until the eggs and water have a little froth. Then pour the eggs into the frying pan with the sausage bits. Just keep stirring and mixing the mixture until it's all cooked evenly. You can also add cheese (I use feta) and keep stirring until done. You can also add spices while it's cooking too or simple salt & pepper.

All this is being done while my coffee is brewing. When I'm feeling adventurous I'll add cinnamon or other sweet flavors to the coffee (mint is also really good)! And if I'm feeling really hungry I'll bake some flaky biscuits!

When you serve it you can also add a little more feta, spices or salsa as you like! In my book this is the perfect breakfast!

By the way... when you take your eggs from the carton, do you use then in any sort of order or just randomly? I used to be one (because of my weird COD quirkiness) to take them in an orderly fashion. Now... it's just at random.

How do you do it? And what is your favorite breakfast food? Another favorite of mine is German pancakes! I'll save that for another post if y'all want the recipe!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! And bon app├ętit!

July 17, 2014

RIP old mouse

I love having a wireless mouse at home! So when it stopped working tonight I thought it just needed a new battery. Nope! It's dead, dead and gone!
Luckily I had another one... remember the old desktop in the guest bedroom? I just switched the mouse. So now the dead PC has a dead mouse. :-( sad face

Oh... and I got tired of the dual monitors already. Yep... It's back in the guestroom with the other useless stuff. Which reminds me... I really do need to get the CPU working, there are pictures on the computer that are not anywhere else. 

So... my week is obviously boring! How's yours going?