December 30, 2008

Remembering 2008 = part 2

I'm continuing my memories of 2008

I was starting to pack up the old place and anxious to get into the new one. As soon as I signed the papers I went to work. I blogged about it often on myspace and the pictures showed my progress. I enjoyed some very lazy days and weekends at the beginning of the month, that's good because the second half was BUSY!

The first weekend I flew back to Colorado and had a great time at the closing weekend of CRF. I really got to know the barbarians better and even pole danced!! (You'll have to go back to my myspace blog archives to read about that... thanks to Stacie!!) lol. The rest of the month I finished painting the condo and moved in! My own place... finally!!

Getting settled into the new home, enjoying the shorted drive into work, getting to know my new neighborhood and new friends, the elections and my new great-nephew was the theme of September. Just going to the gym after work and enjoying the weekends. I also went down to a small renaissance festival and met some other friends from Waco.

I was excited that TRF was staring! I decided to go down opening weekend! I went several weekends in October and met a lot of new people. Even got to combine two of my favorite things in the world, camping and a good renaissance festival! I was happy! I was also excited about Halloween, I always have fun dressing up and going to parties and haunted houses.

Woohoo!! The elections are finally OVER!!! People are finally settling down and going on about life. Me, I go camping on one of the coldest night so far and get bronchitus!! I was really sick for almost 3 weeks... And before I knew it Thanksgiving was here. I spent a great day with my friends and went to closing weekend of TRF! I was sad that it had ended. But I made some great new friends.

Well, this month is all about the holidays. And me trying not to get caught up in the commercialism and hectic shopping like most people. I did a lot of research on the Yule traditions and celebrations of the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas. It was interesting to see people's reaction when I mentioned that I wasn't celebrating Christmas, I was celebrating Yule. That and my becoming the Druid minister.. lol. Oh yea... and my new tat.

So, here we are. The end of another year! I like keeping this blog. This is my journal... the account of my life. It's good to go back and read... see how you've changed.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for being my friends and sharing this year with me... let's go have some fun in 2009!!!

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