April 19, 2009

Judgements and Dreams

I admit it. I made a judgement based on looks.
I first saw this video that was everywhere last week, but never bothered to watch it.
Finally I said; OK, I'll watch it.

First of all this is one of the best songs from Les Miserables!

Here is what one website said about her: "Standing in front of the blazing television lights and a crowd of 3,000, many of whom were simply waiting for her to fail because of the way she looked, Boyle introduced herself. To raised eyebrows from Cowell and Morgan and stifled laughter from the audience, she said her ambition was to be a professional singer like Elaine Paige. As she began to sing their expressions changed; cynicism was replaced by whopping, broad smiles and the wiping away of tears. She finished to a standing ovation."

It brought tears to my eyes, a song rarely does that! Maybe it was the story too.
I think she will get her dream.
I hope I learned my lesson.


Ultra Dave said...

Beautiful moment wasn't it?

cb said...

Yes, I really REALLY enjoyed her big "fuck you all" moment!

But not as much as I enjoyed that boy a couple years ago that was bullied for liking to sing, and then he busts out a boy soprano "pie jesu" and stuns EVERYONE.

by Deterlou said...