May 27, 2010

The story behind the picture # 17

Bear Dip

My first ever trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico was in February 2007. My friends had been going for about 10 years and had always talked about how great it was. When we got there they were a little disappointed that a bear event was going on. I wasn't! WOOF!

Seeing this picture takes me right back to the great time I spent on the beach watching all these hot bears... and then partying into the night with them!

May 26, 2010

Random Question Wednesday

What do you think life will be like in 100 years?

I like thinking about this... imagine the possibilities!!

I'm hoping that people will be reading history books about the 'backward' times when gays were not allowed to marry, they'll marvel and say: "can you believe they didn't treat everyone equally?"

I hope that the cure for AIDS and cancer will be in history books too... and even the common cold will be no more!

I hope that wars will be a thing of the past and that people will respect the earth.

What do you think life will be like?

May 25, 2010



I have been so busy!

Fun weekend at the renaissance faire, I met some new friends and got to hangout with some of my favorite people in the whole world!!

Monday night I attended a meeting with my city councilman. Discussions about the HUD wanting to move 100+ homeless people into the area, less than a quarter mile from my home!

I'm watching the finale of Dancing With The Stars!

Life... ain't it grand?

May 20, 2010

The story behind the picture # 16


There are a few places that I don't mind going alone. The Dallas Arboretum is one of those places. I could spend all day taking pictures of the incredibly beautiful flowers and plants.

One day in late spring I was there and saw this iris. I loved the white and light purples. I snapped a few pictures then could not believe it when this ladybug just flew into my picture! I took a few more pictures before it flew away.

It makes me think... how often do we not pay attention to the small things in life? Those small things can be the most fascinating and most beautiful. But are we too busy and too distracted to notice? Photography is one thing that helps me slow down and take notice of the small things that makes life beautiful.

May 19, 2010

Random Question Wednesday

When are you apt to cry?

I am moved most by strong human emotion. Mostly by music, sometimes by a movie, sometimes leaving friends makes me tear up. I admit, I can be an emotional guy.

The song Hallelujah sung by k.d. lang, words by Leonard Cohen. This version inspires me and can bring me to tears, the meaning behind the words is what inspires me!

Also the song You Raise Me Up sung by Josh Groban. And Bring Him Home sung by Valjean in Le Miz.

I think the last movie that made me cry was The Laramie Project, that movie makes me get all weepy.

I also teared up as I was leaving my friend who was on her way for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I think I'll be just as emotional when she finally gets home in September!

When are you all apt to cry?

May 18, 2010

Another weird one

I woke up around 3AM this morning. I finally fell back to sleep but had some strange dreams. I think I found out my biggest fears ever!!

I dreamed I was outside and felt some thing fall on me. I thought maybe leaves from the tree or bugs of some kind. But when I started to brush them off I noticed they were tiny scorpions! Hundreds of them!!

Oh! My! God!! I hate scorpions!


May 17, 2010

Deep thoughts

Today brings a world of possibilities, what will I make of the day?

So much of our lives are completely under our control, it is up to us to make what we will of it. I like The Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

I always add that even in those things that we cannot change, we are still in control of our attitude about it! Example; I can't control the weather, but I can control how I react to it. If it's rainy on a weekend when I want to be out playing, I just change my plans and move on, maybe turn the weekend into a movie weekend.... The other alternative is to sit and mope! Or be cranky all day... but what will that accomplish?

Make it a great day and a great week y'all!

May 16, 2010

Drinking and ditching

Texas has some weird liquor laws. The county where the renaissance faire is held requires that you to join a "private club" to be able to order alcohol. All you have to do is show your driver's license and they give you a sticker to show that you're in the "club". All the bars in the city are like that too, so even if it's obvious that you're 'of age' you can't get a drink without your driver's license! Texas is just weird like that....

Anyhoo.... At the renaissance faire yesterday I ran into someone that I know, but don't really like. She is nice but gets too clingy when drunk and very annoying! I don't know if she didn't have her license with her or not, her niece was with her and the obvious designated driver, but she decided that I needed to buy her some more wine. I'm not opposed to buying a round for friends, but being told to buy her a drink was a little much for me! I think if you offer to buy someone a drink that's one thing, but being told to is different. I walked for a while with her and the niece but soon decided I needed to ditch her... was this wrong of me? I have many more friends that were there that weren't demanding to be the center of attention like she was.

What would y'all have done? Or was I just being rude?

May 14, 2010

Caption this

Or make up a story about me in this picture.

Happy Friday y'all!

May 13, 2010

The story behind the picture # 15


My grandmother passed away in the late 90's. I flew into Minneapolis, rented a car and drove a few hours north to help mom, dad and Uncle Dean clean up her home. Grandma loved garage and yard sales and we had a lot to go through. About the third or forth day I found this small flat box. I knew that it was an antique and had the look of a camera, but was it? I opened up the cover and it was! The lens pulled out! I was in awe knowing I held something valuable. I asked mom and Uncle Dean if I could keep it and the said yes! Wow! What a find!

I did a little research on it and here is what I found: This is a Kodak No. 2A Autographic Brownie camera produced between 1917 and 1926.

I took this picture and realized it looked great in plain black and white (even though I love vivid colors). I wonder what images it has captured...

May 12, 2010

Random Question Wednesday

Complete the sentence: I feel happy and content when ______________.

When I am with my friends!

Those people that love you for just being you! Those that know you and love you no matter what.

I have some great friends like that in my life and I feel very fortunate! Extremely fortunate!

We all share the same interests but we also love and respect our differences too. We laugh with each other and sometimes we laugh at each other!! heehee

We are always there for each other; sharing in the joys and sorrows.

I don't think I can express it enough... I love my friends!

When do you feel happy and content?

May 11, 2010


There are about 70 people in my department at [Major Bank]. They are always celebrating something; a birthday, an anniversary, someones wedding, someone got creative over the weekend and tried a new brownie recipe.... it's always something! If I don't really watch it I could pack on some pounds! No wonder I workout 5 or 6 days a week... I have to!

The stress at work has helped me in a teensy way... I don't eat when I'm stressed! My pants are finally fitting much better! I no longer have to take a big deep breath to get my belt to go into the first notch! YAY!

A coworker has some M&Ms on her desk. She sits less then 10 feet away! It's just a little bit of chocolate... something that small can't hurt, can it? So I was craving a little something after lunch yesterday and I stopped by Susan's desk. I really wanted one and she laughed at me when I said I wanted "one". So, I took just one! Do they call them M&M's because no one ever eats just one?

Yes... I behaved and had an M.

It was a green one! :-)

May 10, 2010

Catching up

This weekend is the first one since the middle of April that I didn't do the renaissance faire. I had so many things that I needed to catch up on.

Saturday evening I went to a friend's birthday party. We needed to catch up since it has been a while since I had spent any time with him.

I also got caught up on some mutual friends at the party that I had not seen in an even longer time.

Sunday was a laundry day... lots of work around home that I needed to get caught up with before it got way out of control.

I felt much more relaxed on Sunday evening when I crawled into bed.

How was your weekend?

May 9, 2010

Memories of Mom

This is one of my favorite pictures of mom.

She loved to cook and bake! For the family, neighbors, friends and for church activities.

Most of my adult life I was several states away from my parents. I begged and begged my brothers who lived in Utah to go remodel her kitchen, I would contribute to the cost. But it never got done. She got by though, things didn't have to be perfect for her to still enjoy it!


Mom was also very thoughtful and reflective. She loved to read like I do. She would sometimes carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, worrying about her family, friends and people she didn't really know. That's one thing I wish I hadn't inherited from her.

Mother's Day is always a little lonely now. I love her and miss her.

May 8, 2010

A beautiful spring day!

It's 73 degrees in Dallas right now...
I just got back from a 3 mile run...
I saw a lot of flowers in bloom...
The magnolia trees are blooming too and they smell wonderful...
I had a bite to eat and I am enjoying just sitting on my patio...
Listening to a jazz artist, Mario Bondi, he's great...

Can it get any better than this?

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

May 6, 2010

The story behind the picture # 14


Driving the Pacific Coast Highway is quite the experience. If you ever want to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the country I would recommend making the drive. I think it should be on everyone's bucket list.

In 2004 as the week was ending and Larry and I were getting closer to our final destination of San Francisco, we made a stop at Pigeon Point lighthouse. It was a beautiful day and we took our time enjoying the view of the great Pacific!

We turned around and were headed back to the car when I thought I would snap a few pictures of the lighthouse. I remember the angles, which seemed very odd. I thought; "how can I balance the fence with the house and the lighthouse from this angle?" And then it just clicked! I found the right angle and I think the resulting photo is beautiful! It takes me right back to that moment.

I have this enlarged and framed in my home.

May 5, 2010

Random Question Wednesday

What is your favorite time of day, and why do you like it?

I love the evenings, just as the sun is going down because of the sunset.

My second favorite time of day is sunrise. I see sunsets way more often than I see a sunrise so my favorite time is it at dusk.

I love these times of the day because the sky is filled with color! Whether the sky is filled with brilliant colors or soft faded colors it makes me stop and marvel.

I also love these times because it seems like it is quieter. There is no sound just before the sun comes up; just before the birds wake up and start to sing. The evenings can also be a quiet time; no more noisy birds and before the crickets start their evening songs.

This is when I feel the most peaceful! It recharges and re-energizes me.

What is your favorite time of day and why?

May 4, 2010

I'm alive...


Work is HIGH STRESS right now... at least there are the weekends!

I had a great pirate weekend again, a large group of friends gathered. I needed to be surrounded by people who like me!

We realized that getting a group this large to go anywhere was like herding cats! Almost impossible at times... so I don't remember who started it, but our signal to "move along" was a meow. It became quite funny! It accomplished the task though! We were loud, obnoxious and drunk... and meowing pirates! LOL

Hope y'all have a great week!

May 1, 2010

Happy Beltane

Beltane is a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint in the Sun's progress between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Beltane is the second principal Celtic festival, the other being Samhain. Beltane traditionally marks the arrival of summer, Samhain marks the arrival of winter.

Old Celtic tradition says that many people would rise at the first light of dawn to go outdoors and gather flowers and branches to decorate their homes. Beltane marks the return of vitality, of passion. Ancient Pagan traditions say that Beltane marks the emergence of the young God into manhood. Stirred by the energies at work in nature, he desires the Goddess. They fall in love, lie among the grasses and blossoms, and unite. In old Celtic traditions it was a time of unabashed sexuality and promiscuity where marriages of a year and a day could be undertaken.

I bet that isn't something you knew before! Does that mean that May 2nd was divorce day? The day that these "marriages" or I think they're called "handfasting" now end?

Happy May Day and Happy Beltane!