January 29, 2011

It's starting

The city is gearing up for the big day when most of the country will be watching some big game in Dallas. At least that's all we hear about on the news.

On Friday coworkers were beginning to speculate if things will change much within the next 2 weeks. I work downtown and all the hotels are gearing up for people to start pouring into the city. "Will traffic be worse than it is now?" we all wondered. God I hope not!

While at lunch some of the women were talking about the best place to go for a happy hour to maybe run into a celebrity in town for the big game. They named about a dozen five star hotels that should be filling up with all kinds of people. The plans are starting, the hotels and the "hot and happening" bars are being mapped out and everyone is all a twitter!

Eh... I don't really care.

I'll keep y'all posted if I run into anyone famous.


Jay said...

You already did. Brett and I were in the Big D in October, Boo. See you soon!

RG said...

I don't care about the Superbowl since the Patriots aren't playing in it. LOL

Alan said...

I wouldn't watch the Superbowl if it was going on in my own backyard!

cb said...

Not unless I could find the place where Aaron Rogers was hanging out... and then took his mouthbabies

Ur-spo said...

especially any tight ends.