July 27, 2011

Expectations vs. Reality

We can't predict the future. We don't know what is going to happen to us tomorrow. We have a pretty good idea of where we are going and if we stay on the same track and something random doesn't happen... we can guess and assume where we will be, but can we be really sure?

We especially can't predict where someone else will be tomorrow or next month or next year. Again, we have a pretty good idea where things are going... but again, something unexpected could come up that could alter that path. People can change their mind and do it all the time.

I used to have huge expectations for myself and for others but I have learned that it really is better to live in the moment and keep going steadily forward towards a goal. I have often told myself to have no expectations in life; then I will always get what I expect. If I get more than I expected (nothing) then I'll be happy.

But as I was thinking about this blog post and am sitting down to write... it seems different. We have to strive for something higher for ourselves in order to achieve success and we can believe in others to do their best. I guess the key is finding that balance in life; keeping your mind on a goal while enjoying the journey. Our work/jobs/employers involve expectations. I guess the conflict of expectations is between us and others.

So how do we keep from being disappointed when things don't live up to an expectation? How do we keep a good sense of reality in line with our expectations? I guess that's one of the great questions of life.

Have y'all thought about this? Does anyone have any thoughts to share?


Brent said...

I wish I had an answer... I was looking to see what other people wrote. I'll have to stop by again later.

Jim said...

I had an epiphany about this today; The key to to have "realistic expectations" of ourselves and others.