November 14, 2012

Pirate Weekend Adventures

It was nice to sleep in my own bed after 5 nights away... but it was one of the best vacations ever!

I got there in the early afternoon on Thursday. Our condo was right on the beach! It was awesome!
view looking towards Georgetown

view looking down 7 mile beach
As soon as I got there I was ordered by the captain to "catch up" on the rum drinking. I changed into a pirate t-shirt and kept the pirate hat on that I wore through the airports. Within a few minutes we were drinking a mudslide in a bar on the wharf and were already posing for pictures with tourists from the cruise ships.

We got back in the late afternoon after a bite to eat and put on the snorkeling mask and fins. I was given a few important details of breathing while in the water and we set out. I'll save the snorkeling stories for another post.

Friday morning after breakfast and another swim with the fishes we got into our pirate garb, took pictures on the beach and then headed downtown. I swear to the gods that we had our pictures taken thousands of times! The crowds were huge and we could not walk more than 3 feet without someone stopping us to take their picture with us. All night long!
posing for pictures
Saturday was the big day. We got ready and were down on the wharf early. We went out on the ship and sailed into the harbor with thousands of people watching on shore and the wharf and on buildings and balconies and on the street!
Charles and I on the stern of the ship (by the mast at the back)
We spent the rest of the day... you guessed it... posing for pictures (and drinking rum)... until late into the night. We were going home from breakfast the next morning when we spotted the front page of the newspaper! Cool, eh?

That was the end of the pirate garb until it came time to fly home. One does not simply pack a pirate hat into their luggage....

And how was your weekend?


SEAN said...

Nothing like your. Did you at least pack the hammock?

Erik Rubright said...

Sounds like you had an epic time! I'm glad you're home safely.

Now check yourself into Betty Ford. ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

not as fun as yours! do you have any pix of the island itself and the locals?

more important, do you have any naughty pix? ;-)

Ur-spo said...

I am glad the weekend went as well as you hoped !

The Digitorialist said...


Better you than Johnny Depp.

Cubby said...

These pics are great, Jim. But where is your friend, the one I have a big crush on? You know the one.

Jim said...

Cubby: Robert was in Dallas...

SteveA said...

Jim - I live in Grand Cayman....send me an e-mail via my blog and let's meet up. I'll send you an e-mail as well!

SteveA said...

I was so close by - I was nearby town on Saturday in time for the pirate's landing - who know! Maybe I saw you and thought that you were a hottie!