February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

I like weird days like today!

Happy 14th birthday to Tony Robbins!

Tradition says that women can propose marriage today. Alas, no one has asked me yet and I fear I shall remain single. That's OK with me!

R.I.P. Davy Jones of the Monkees. He passed away today.

Here is also a little known fact. Remember all the weird Y2K stuff from 12 years ago? I found a Y2K issue on our company's program but it didn't show up until 3/1/00? Does anyone know why? The answer is a little known fact about Leap Day.

February 27, 2012

Kilt stuff

Erik said I could blog about kilts. He said: "How about a post on selecting a properly sized kilt, and styles of kilt."

This is a good topic since I just bought a new kilt this last weekend. I've been thinking of getting another kilt and I finally broke down and got a new one. Maybe it was the rum... I got to the camp on Friday night at about 10PM and we stopped drinking around 2AM on Sunday (with only a few hours of sleep and a little water). LOL

Well, to take on Erik's suggestion here goes some info on getting a kilt. There are several different types of kilts; a great kilt is 9 yards of wool! One would have to lay out the material and make your own pleats, then lay down on the pleats and tie it around you with a belt. I don't know many people that wear a great kilt.

So, most places that sell kilts have sewn the pleats in. The heavier the wool the more expensive it is. Nowadays they make them from acyclic blends too. It's worn like a wrap skirt; you put a strap through a hole on one side and buckle it up, then you wrap the plain or flat front across and buckle it up on the other side. Most often the extra material is not included for the fly plaid. The fly plaid is the material worn over your shoulder and held in place with the plaid brooch.

The kilt is worn higher than your waist (like you would wear your pants). They say to take your pant size and add 2 inches. The top of the kilt should be at your bellybutton. Also, kilts don't have pockets. One needs a sporran (the leather or fur pouch worn in the front - also known as the "pop-up blocker") hehehe

Footwear could be black dress shoes with wool socks worn up to your knee or boots (army boots or other such boots are acceptable).

But probably the biggest question people have is what tartan should they get. Or should you just get a Utiliklit? A Utilikilt is a good modern choice for those with a fashion forward way of thinking and who doesn't have any desire to be called a "rennie" (a rennie is someone who attends a renaissance faire).

But if you want a traditional kilt one should ideally get a family or clan tartan. There are hundreds of patterns and each is unique to a family name. Search here to see if your family has a tartan. My family tartan is the only one that has 7 colors, the main color being light blue. I don't like that... so I go a little back further in the family tree to see if there is another family or clan tartan that I like. If you have none... then just pick one you like. (I like blues and greens, so my first tartan is a Douglas Green). I wanted a red kilt so my new kilt is a Royal Stewart. It's fitting since I have several kings of Scotland in my family tree.

And finally... here is some history about what is worn under the kilt: "As kilts became part of the uniform in some military regiments underwear was not allowed. Soldiers in these regiments were subject to "Kilt Inspections" to ensure that they were in compliance."

The best part of wearing a kilt is the jokes that you can use when someone asks the inevitable. And maybe you can give an admirer a proper kilt check! LOL

February 22, 2012

Discovering Dallas

Over 16 years ago I drove into Dallas. My youngest sister and her family were moving here from Utah and had asked me to help drive the family and some of their things down. My first impression was about how flat the land was! I would guess that 99% of Dallas is on flat prairie.

My sister finally convinced me that the economy in Dallas was better than the small town where I was living in Utah. Plus I was very bored. I had lived and owned a business in Baltimore a few years earlier and small town Utah was really boring me. In March 1996 I finally moved here.

I never thought I would like it here, but I do. There is so much to do in the area. It seems that every weekend I could do something different in Dallas and still not see all there is to see. So even though I've been here almost 16 years I am still Discovering Dallas.

The things I see and experience in this great city will be a new blog feature. Thanks for the blog post idea Anne Marie in Philly!

February 21, 2012


I'm sitting here typing; hoping that any second now something will come to mind that I can blog about. Oh no, the sentence ended and still nothing interesting comes to mind. UGH!

Should I just keep typing, hoping that something will come? Should I just end my misery and hit delete? Or should I just post to the whole world that I have nothing interesting to say?

I had a boring weekend, nothing interesting happened. Tomorrow I head back to work after 4 days off. Woohoo... NOT!

One interesting thing... I didn't feel like making my bed one of the nights during the weekend so I've been sleeping in my guest bed.

Please. Please. Please help me.... give me a topic to blog about!

February 19, 2012


My friend sent me this picture. It made me laugh.

(Embiggen the picture)

It rained all day long yesterday! We need the rain so I'm just glad it wasn't a snow or ice storm. I have a long weekend with President's Day tomorrow and I was going to join my friends at the renaissance faire. But I'm still feeling congested and a weekend of sloshing around in the rain and consequent mud did not sound appealing to me. So I stayed home and got chores done, laundry, watched some TV and went to the spa again. I think there is a Mardi Gras parade in my neighborhood but I'm not going to go.

Hope y'all have an enjoyable weekend.

February 18, 2012

Hair styles

For years I wore my hair very short. Almost a military cut.
Then a friend suggested that I start wearing it longer.
I have been. I kinda like it. There are way more things I can do with it....

So last night, right after I took my ambien, brushed my teeth and washed my face I decided to experiment with some new looks:

Eh... I think I'll just keep to the way I've been wearing it.

February 15, 2012

Nothing says love like....

I saw this on postsecret and it made me LOL! This secret could be from anyone! Your coworker or a family member could have sent it in to PostSecret. It makes me laugh.

I celebrated Valentine's Day "Alone Awareness Day"... well, alone. But had many well wishes and texts from dear friends. You know... I really am OK with being single. I do not need someone to complete me or make me feel important. That feeling comes from within.

I'm feeling puny from the cold weather and breathing in campfire smoke from the weekend, so I've just been laying low.

February 12, 2012

Cold camping

I don't know if I mentioned this before.... but I hate the cold. lol

This weekend was the opening of the Renaissance Faire near Austin. Sherwood Forest Faire is a new one, this is only their third season, but it a great one. Friends came in from all over the state to once again dress up and start drinking.

This weekend was also the coldest weather so far in 2012! I brought my longjohns and layered up well, but my friend's trailer didn't have any heat! I bundled up in blankets as best as I could. Ended up getting my earmuffs out to sleep in. When we woke up Saturday morning and opened the door, we realized it was a little warmer outside than it was inside! Yikes!

We decided we would go get a hot shower and it was great! Saturday night was a little better, we got the furnace working in the trailer and I piled on more blankets, so I was warm and cozy. I also had a nice rum sweater on too! (rum and cider warms the blood and we had plenty!) But I got to see many old friends and make some new friends too! I love my rennie family!

I'm back home and out of a hot shower. I'm headed to bed early! I hope y'all had a warm and safe weekend!

February 9, 2012

Talking to a 20 year old

I found an old picture of myself as a mormon missionary the other day.

I thought: If I could get that 20 year old guy into the same room, what would we say to each other?

This is an interesting thought.

I would give him a lot of advice: I would tell him to not worry so much about what other people thought. I would tell him to let lose and live more, but to live in the moment. I would tell him to be more honest with himself and to get the hell away from the mormon church as soon as possible! I would tell him to finish college and focus on a career plan. I would advise him to have passion in life.

I'm sure that as a 20 year old I would have freaked out a little. How could I be gay and out and happy? But what would the 20 year old guy say to this old guy?

I think he would have told me to not look back on life with such regret. What happens just happens, it made you who you are. He probably would have given excuses for the church but I think he would have listened. I know he would have been very quiet and would not have said much, he was extremely shy back then.

It's interesting, isn't it? Think about it...

I'll throw this out as a blog challenge... what would you tell your younger self?
Or just leave me a comment. Share your thoughts.

February 7, 2012

My new mistress

Good bye Words With Friends!

So long Zynga Poker!

QRANK! I'm over you.

Facebook. You bore me now.

Twitter. You never really interested me much. [YAWN]

You Tube; you've grown a little bit since we first met. You're huge now! Yikes!

I'm enchanted by something new. Something that challenges me and makes me think.

iPrecious has introduced me to hot and sexy...
Well hello Alcemy!

February 5, 2012

Pleasure and Pain

I got a massage yesterday. I really needed one.

I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders and neck. I have also been getting back into the workout routine and have been feeling a little stiff.

I went to the King's Spa for their acupressure massage knowing that I could soak in the pools and relax in the saunas afterwards.

As the masseuse was working on my back and neck I was thinking that it kinda hurt! But I was OK with it because I knew that I would feel much better later. And this got me thinking about life. Life comes with pleasure and pain.

I think that many of us, me included, would like a world and life of only pleasure. But a little pain is part of life. We can never be immune to pain. Parents now seem to go to great lengths to protect their children from any kind of pain, physical or emotional, but that's really not possible. One should not expect to have no pain in their life.

There is also a fine line between pleasure and pain. In a physical sense, relationship and sexual sense too. Some take this to the extreme with Sadomasochism. I don't; so I'm not going there in this blog post.

Why is it that I still want a pain free life though? Maybe I just have to endure the moments of pain to enjoy the pleasurable parts of life even more.

And no! There was no happy ending to the massage. Get your minds out of the gutter. LOL

February 2, 2012

Weird dreams

My pulse was racing...
My heart was beating fast.
I could feel someone's breath on the back of my neck...
I could feel it's presence very close.
Watching me...
While I was sleeping!

I fought the urge to scream...
Or to freak out.
I tried to just lay there calmly...
But I knew I had to get away.

I was supposed to be asleep,
Yet, somehow...
I knew I was only dreaming.

But it felt so real!

Last night was the second or third time I've had a dream like this.
I'm still a little freaked out.

Dr. Spo, if you're sending Henrik over for a visit, he can go home now!

February 1, 2012

Happy Imbolc on 2/1/12

Happy Imbolc!
To all my Pagan and Wiccan friends, I share with you this feast in honor of the Goddess Brighid.

It's mid-way between the Solstice and the Equinox. I can tell that the daylight is lasting longer and I'm happy. It's been unseasonably warm in Dallas but there still is February to get through! UGH!

I also drew a Tarot Card for the new month.
The Six of Cups reversed.

This card usually means reunions and nostalgia. But reversed it means that not all memories are happy ones. I'll have the shadows of my past lurking around me this month. Or maybe it's telling me to get over the past. The past is past and gone, it's time to move on.

Oh... I also find this day to be one of those quirky ones: 2112. I know... I'm weird like that.