January 6, 2013

Discovering Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is surrounded on all sides by freeways. To the south is I30 running east and west. To the west is I35 running north and south. To the east is the end of I45 coming north from Houston before it tuns into highway 75 heading north to Richardson and Plano. At the north end of Dallas there is a short freeway called Woodall Rodgers. It's only a few miles long and it joins I35 to I45. In the center of all four of these freeways is downtown Dallas.

I work in the Art District in the northeast side of downtown and [major bank] helped sponsor the building of new park in the area. Just north of downtown across Woodall Rodgers is the area called Uptown and the city wanted to join the two.

Woodall Rodgers is below street level so the city came up with a plan to build a park over the freeway. They basically built a deck over the road and turned the freeway into a tunnel.

The park was finished in October and it's close enough to walk there during my lunch hour (if it's not freezing cold outside). Here is their website.

Here are some pictures I've taken in the park:

you can see the roadway ahead

I think it's great that the city did this! It should be a great gathering site for the people in the city in years to come. It is close to several museums, galleries and the opera and symphony houses.


SEAN said...

They did the same thing in Boston years ago sinking 95. Looks great.

anne marie in philly said...

wish MY city would do this over I-95 along the waterfront! :(

a park/greenspace is SO much more attractive than concrete!

Erik Rubright said...

The arched walkway feels a little off considering the surroundings. But the park seems nice.