January 8, 2013

Out! Update

I thought I'd write an update to yesterday's post. I had some interesting responses to this FB post.

One cousin who I've gotten to know over the last year or so asked how I resigned because she wants to also! I sent her the link to www.mormonnomore.com. :-)

One person who commented was an old high school teacher. She said I didn't have a need to "resign" and posted a link to a Mormon site about gays. Click here if you really want to read it. I skimmed the site and dis-agree with what it says!

Basically I'm not gay, it's just an evil "same-sex attraction". As long as I never act on the attraction I have not sinned. This is so wrong on so many levels!

So, I can be gay all I want but I can never have a loving long term relationship with someone I could connect to on an emotional or hormonal level. I would need to be 100% celibate and have to sit in meetings feeling like a sinner because of my God-given hormones and I would have to berate myself for feeling them. I would have to listen to condescending people talk about this being a "trial" and how I could overcome it if only I prayed enough.

Then I would have to hold out hope that in the afterlife, after death, that I would magically change and be rewarded for never acting on this evil force and I would be rewarded with a faithful loving woman for all eternity!

That is soooo weird to me now! I would much rather live in the moment and enjoy each second of my life right now.

Oh... and I have to remember that this high school teacher, in a school of 200 students where everybody knew everyone's business, stood by and said nothing and did nothing while I was being bullied.


anne marie in philly said...

what a buncha horseshit!

personally, I would write back to this teacher and mention your last paragraph. bullies should be called out at every opportunity.

Ur-spo said...

while the RC gets a lot of attention, I think the LDS is far more sinister and nasty in their attacks on others; silently controlling things far more than the RC does.

Erik Rubright said...

I definitely agree with anne marie: I'd call oiut your former teacher on how her non-actions affected you, and the example she allowed to be set for those around you.