January 7, 2013


Well.... I did it! I'm out on Facebook as being a former-Mormon! It's FBO!
(FaceBook Official) LOL!

I'll post it again on my "anniversary" of resigning from the Mormon church on the date I dated and signed my letter to them on 1/16/09.
keep calm!

I've wanted to do this for a while now... I didn't want to create any family tension. But when one of my right-wing cousins started posting tea-party rhetoric on her page I added a comment of what I thought. So far she is the only one of my family that has commented on my 'announcement'. She said: The "term is new" to her... so I added a clarifying comment that 'resigning' is the same as asking for my name to be removed from the church records.

So why resign and not just become 100% inactive? It's about making a point.

I am no longer a christian so why would I be listed on the records of a church who's name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? (that's the full name of the church; LDS or Mormon are only nick-names).

So why is this a big deal to me? Well, my Mormon family believes that we are all sealed together for this life and all eternity. I am essentially breaking that bond. My family fully believes that, so this may be traumatic for them.

But it's not for me! :)

I will post this again on the 16th... just in case they missed this post today! I'll let y'all know if there is any more reaction from the fam.


Java said...

Congrats! Good luck with the family.

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ! it's not you that has the problem, it's your family.

Ur-spo said...

Is there any return policy in the LDS church? Do you have to return the fruity underwear now and then they give you an official leper-outcast- unclean certificate?

Jim said...

Java: Thanks! My immediate family knows where I stand and know me as a good person.

AM: Yes, I had no problem leaving. I just don't fit into one of their easy answers that they love to give out. Like; be gay, just never act on it! Yikes... that's spells a lonely life!

Spo: I got a simple letter back from the church saying I'm no longer a member. Mormons say that used "garments" (magic underwear) should be burned! I just threw mine out...

Erik Rubright said...

Can your family have your name added back to the records without your knowledge?