January 17, 2013

TMI Thursday - Feel Better

I thought I would take part in Sean's TMI challenge on his blog: Just A Jeep Guy.
What makes you feel better when:
Monster's Ball
  • You are sick with the flu: When I have the flu I just want to sleep! I also drive myself crazy saying; "I hate being sick!" LOL! So, it's just best that I try to sleep.
  • You are in a bad mood: Honestly, I usually just want to be left alone. Just let me brood for a while by myself and then I'll eventually get over whatever put me in the bad mood in the first place.
  • You are alone: When I feel alone I start texting friends, just to say hello. It's a guarantee that someone will respond and I can have a good conversation with someone and not feel so alone in the world.
  • You are sad: I go for a walk outside. I draw energy from life outdoors! The fact that life goes on and continues is comforting and I start to feel better.
  • You are mad: Again, I feel better when I'm left alone. A good workout at the gym will help me get out some steam when I'm mad. It's better that I take frustration and anger out on inanimate objects!
  • You are frustrated: If y'all can't tell from my answers already... I'm an introvert! When I'm frustrated just let me tune out distractions and focus on solving whatever issue it is that is frustrating me. I'll get over it in a little while.
  • You are angry: If I'm angry I usually make a snide remark. Or two. Or more.... Sarcasm is not a good quality when one is angry so I try really hard not to continue past that. LOL
  • BONUS - You are horny: Again, I call or text a "friend" or I just take matters into my own hands... (if you know what I mean... and I think you do) LOL!


Cubby said...

Good answers, and no I didn't know you were an introvert, not with all the Ren and Pirate stuff you do. Your friends seem like a bunch of extroverts. Perhaps you'll write a separate blog post about this.

cb said...

I might have to steal this for Monday...

SEAN said...

Monster's Ball made me sick.

Still have my #?